Sweet Serenade

Quietness is the symphony
of crickets serenading
the known darkness

Listen closely
Let your hearing focus
Obscuring the blur of many
To the uniqueness of one

The serenade of warmth
The serenade of hope
The sweet serenade that
She will be heard

The flow of memories
Laced and intertwined
by balmy nights
lived carefree

Her senses alive, caressing
the breeze who is
dancing to the serenade

Dance she says, dance

Almost Forgotten Self


IMG_6034 (1)

Is there an ember in your
soul waiting to be rekindled?

Is it fear, doubt, troubled
times that have blown in?

Is your chilled breath enough to

Ignite the glow that is your

Let the breath blow in all of its
pain and confusion.

For every breath is life.

When it seems too shallow
to sustain your dreams

Trust that it is more
powerful than you think.

Let it be fed by pains,
disappointment, desperation.
It knows that these are the path to your soul.

To an awakened soul.

Awakening the embers of
who you truly are.

Let your breath
ignite life

Your almost forgotten self



What if……


As my first post, instead of taking too much time deliberating over the perfect word choice, the most interesting sentence structures and the consolidation of my thoughts and feelings, I’m choosing to just write. Like a brainstorming session, letting yourself go with any and all ideas. Just get it out so that you can begin.

Here is my place to lay out potential. My place to house creative energies that I can no longer keep inside or in random notebooks. I need consolidation. Consolidation in order to grow and have direction. Consolidation in order to ultimately see what my potential is. How far can I push myself in many aspects of my life?

When you feel your insides bursting at the seams and there is nothing you can do but let it out. Like a flower unfurling in the morning sun, stretching its petals and revealing its true potential. More than it may have felt it could achieve.

What if? A question that is limitless. This last New Year I tossed the traditional resolution making and instead focused on two ideas.

  1. Make a Crazy List: brainstorm beyond your wildest dreams, no holds barred, no limits, what you want to do, be, see. It is very different from a bucket list because to me those are more easily achievable. They were made that way so that you could tick them off by planning for them. Nothing wrong there, but I wanted more. I didn’t want to tick, I wanted to dream beyond what I thought potentially I could do. A funny thing happens though. It sets things in motion just by writing them down so that the dreams, with work and perseverance, can become reality.
  2. What would your 6, 10, 12 (whatever age you choose) have a tantrum over that they were no longer doing? This to me is the joy in life. What brings you joy, or did, which with other obligations, change of location, lifestyle, etc.. you are no longer doing?

With these two in mind came “What if?” And so these what if journeys begin!